Our story


We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.
George Bernard Shaw

Once upon a time there was a boy and a girl with big dreams and a flair for the impossible. They grew up at the same time one on the other side of Europe from the other. She would wake up and play with plastic animals when he would wake up and play hide and seek roaming the fields around his village. She grew up in a big city and created imaginary play friends and he teamed up with the other village kids to climb trees, play with real animals and dig big holes in the ground. Both were happy but both grew up. The little girl’s love for plastic animals turned into love for books and then devotion to a career in a big firm. For him climbing trees turned into climbing corporate ladders. They were happy; they had after all grown up.

Many years and miles down the line the boy met the girl. She had grown to love tea and he was a proper coffee addict. Spending time together they remembered feelings lost and rediscovered their love for games. They had grown up but there was something missing. Something neither could define but would occassionally get a ping of nostalgia; a long lost memory of expressive freedom and carelessness. Both of them had grown to be fairly pragmatic so decided to do something about their childhood yearnings. All they were missing now was a place where their reality would meet their childhood and that gave birth to Playground.

Playground is not just another coffee shop; not even just another coffee shop with games. Playground is a place where when you walk through the door you can leave your adult responsibilities behind you. It is a place that not only has lots of board games but you are encouraged to be loud when playing them. It is a place where the main rule is that as long as you play nice there are no rules.

Swings have replaced chairs at some of the tables and a scrabble board has replaced the menu. The boy’s love for coffee became a passion that brings through the door some of the best coffees one can try in Bristol and the girl’s tea mania an ever changing selection of leaves from around the world that are brewed to perfection. Of course there is cake. Oh yes, lots of cake! Changing constantly following the seasons there is always something new and different to try.

We may have grown up but join us in not wanting to ever grow old!