As well as a large selection of fabulous loose leaf teas of the normal varieties from various top notch suppliers, Playground's co-founder Lilly has an exceptional nose for creating sumptuous flavour combinations. Choosing some of the finest herbs from her native Greece, Lilly continuously creates exciting new blends of herbal teas for you to try.

What is on at the moment then?

Black Tea

the Classics

  • Earl Gray Imperial (Bergamot & Jasmine )--> Redifining a classic! Ideal Brewing Time --> 3.5 minutes. Milk? --> we would avoid it but each to their own!
  • English Breakfast --> The ultimate classic brew. Ideal Brewing Time --> 3.5 minutes. Milk? Oh Yes!
  • Lapsang Souchong ( Gunpowder Tea) --> don´t worry no guns have been fired in the creation of your tea. Lapsang tea leaves traditionally get dried over a pinewood fire which gives them their distinctive smokey scent and flavour. This is not a tea for the faint hearted as most people tend to either love it or loathe it. You won´t know until you try! Brewing Time--> 3 minutes. Milk? No

The Guests

  • 1001 Nights ( ceylon black with Sancha Green, rose, jasmine, sunflower blossom, pink pepper, ginger & merigold flowers) --> exotic blossoms and teas from China and India join forces to transport you to a fairytale. Rumour has it that this is the tea that Scheherazade was serving her sultan during their nights together. Brewing time --> 3.5 minutes. Milk --> No no no

Green Tea

  • Green Tea --> Japanese Sencha Green Tea. Brewing Time --> 3 minutes
  • Green Tea & Jasmine --> green tea and dubtle jasmine join forces and voilla! Brewing time --> 3 minutes. Milk --> No


Lemon & Ginger tisane --> full flavoured dried lemon & ginger root. Ideal Brewing Time --> 2 - 2.5 minutes Milk? That is a NO my friends

(more interesting and exciting teas in the shop. despctiptions to follow. . )