The women behind the store fronts of St Nicholas Street

I am not sure if you know this but our street is in fact an unofficial female entrepreneurial hub! As you walk down St Nicholas Street towards Corn Street you can't miss Rag & Bone, a vintage furniture & curiosities shop owned and run by best friends Molly and Arthur. You can see Molly's personality in everything happening in their shop from cheeky espresso martini nights to their amazing finds.

You continue straight and on your right hand side you have everything you need for your wellbeing provided to you by the ladies Wolf. Wild Wolf's yoga run by Jessica is in my opinion the best designed yoga studio Bristol has to offer and its located just above our fav night haunt - Mr Wolf's nighclub. Said nightclub together with White's Botanicals a really cozy breakfast & branch place are both run by Jessica's sister Steph. I don't think anyone here needs introductions about either of these places but if you do the only solution is to go and check them out. Soon!

In the same building Tilly has her flower workshop, Tilly Tomlinson's flowers catering Bristol's fanciest bouquets and decorations for events & weddings taking place throughout the SW.

We come next on your right with both me and Fabian equally vested in our Playground affairs. Each of us is focused on different aspects of the business or as i tend to call in we cater to different needs of our growing baby.. If you haven't read our story you can find it here.

Last but surely not least, we have Pata Negra, child of the same group as the Milk Thistle and the Ox this atmospheric tapas restaurant that turns into one of Bristol's best bars in the evening is run by Jo , yet another capable lady juggling multiple responsibilities for such an acclaimed venue.

So much talent concentrated in such a small stretch of land. If you think i missed someone from this list please message me and i will happily rectify.

From Playground with love,